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A little history

We began as developers building software solutions and came to the US to fulfill our dreams of starting a business. Only then we realized just how complicated the process truly is and ended up needing legal and accounting support. A few years later, we were faced with a $250K bill from the state for not being compliant. That's when we realized there needs to be a better process for international business owners to do business in the US. So we built startglobal.co. It is currently the leading all-in-one platform for non-US residents to start a US business.
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Introducing Start

Following StartGlobal, several customers reached out to us for a solution tailored for US-residents. There is nothing in the market currently that does finance+legal+accounting in a single package for self employed people. So, we huddled together and worked for months. Thus Start was born.
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Meet the leadership team

Sanjay Nediyara
Sanjay Nediyara
Sandeep Suresh
Sandeep Suresh
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad
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Advised by founders themselves

Balaji Srinivasan
Ex-CTO, Coinbase
Start makes compliance incredibly easy for digital workers. Sanjay and team have done a remarkable job in a short time period.
James Beshara
Founder, Magic mind
This is awesome! You never really want to drown yourself with legal and accounting burden when you're building a business. Start makes it very convenient for solopreneurs.
Denis Pakhaliuk
CEO, Ramotion
For a freelance designer or a developer, managing their compliance and finances is undeniably critical. But, it's boring. All in one solutions like Start is what's really needed.
Biz Stone
Co-founder, Twitter
I could have really used the product back when I was a freelancer. I was a good designer but terrible at running a studio.
Kirk Simpson
Founder, Wave financial
The small team at Start has been able to build a world class product in a short period of time. Great product!
Harsh Shah
Co-founder, Fynd
An elegant solution to a pressing problem. Great job, team Start!
John Ruffolo
Investor Shopify, DuckDuckGo
It is a seamless platform for digital entrepreneurs to run their entire business.
Arun Balakrishnan
Ex CEO Berkshire Hathaway Insurance India
One person businesses cannot spend a lot of time on compliance and accounting. Start is a convenient alternative to dealing with accounting/legal firms directly.
Mark Maybank
Ex-COO $90B Investment bank
Wonderful for single person businesses. Helps you focus on doing your thing and not worry about taxes and compliance.